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Welcome to DEHV Candle Co.

Inspired by memories. Hand-poured with passion.

100% soy wax candles in modernistic concrete vessels with copper lids.

DEHV will become one of your most loved home accessories.

 I am typically not a fan of scents, but these are truly unbelievable and have become fast favorites.
— Christine B, malibu california
I just finished burning mine, and was thrilled at how cleanly it burned. There was barely any cleanup in order to re-use the vessel. Love it!
— Laina A, boulder colorado
Obsessed with RIND!!! Love the vessel, love the scent. I have a wide open room with vaulted ceilings and you can smell it from the kitchen to the living room!
— Beth michelle j, hartwell georgia
Oh it’s just wondaful.
— my nana, franklin massachusetts